Do It Yourself Services

Do-It-Yourself Services



Always convenient, priced right, and warrantied. . . You decide what level of service you want! The phrase “do it yourself” means different things to different people: does it mean you decide what needs to be done and you yourself contact the contractors to get it done? Or does it mean you roll up your sleeves, tear out the old flooring and install the new flooring yourself? It means both of these, and everything in between.  So regardless of how much work you want to do yourself, Carpet Mill will be there to assist you in those areas in which you request our help.


We can buy floor-covering product for you and have it shipped to your location. Our paid, ship-direct service gives you broker pricing on large-quantity or job-specific orders. You can buy from our extensive local inventory and have it delivered right to your location.


We can also provide professional, guaranteed delivery and installation of your floor-covering. We can provide you with any of the services above, any mix of them, or just about anything to do with floor-covering that you can think of. . . just ask!



  • Measuring
  • Damage Appraisal
  • Repair vs. Replace Appraisal
  • Take-Offs
  • Delivery
  • Installation
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