Hardwood Styles

With Hardwood floors, there are so many choices and styles. Each adding a unique look and feel to your home’s decor. Classic to Edgy Chic, you’ll find the perfect hardwood floor that’s suite your individual style…  Oak Flooring, Bamboo Flooring, Cherry Flooring, Hickory Flooring, Walnut Flooring, Acacia Flooring and Cork Flooring to name just a few.  Make sure to do your research for which type of hardwood flooring best reflects and suits your personal style and needs.


Cherry Flooring
Cherry hardwood flooring is fine-crafted for exceptional quality. Its satiny texture and fine graining sets it apart from other floors and is perfect for a room where you want an extra-stylish setting. The timeless appeal of cherry hardwood flooring will help make your guests feel welcome from the moment they step in the door.


Maple Flooring
Maple hardwood flooring has a fashionable, versatile appearance. Because maple hardwood floors look great in any room no matter the style or décor, they are a must-have in the eyes of many homeowners. Like most hardwood floors, maple hardwood flooring adds value to your home – but since maple is especially durable, a maple hardwood floor can last for generations.


Cork Flooring
Cork flooring comes in a wide variety of styles offering a range of design possibilities. There are as many as 40 different colors available and shapes ranging from squares and rectangles to hexagons. Along with eco-friendly benefits, cork flooring has other qualities that lure savvy homeowners. Cork can be squeezed, and it will condense under the pressure, but then it will bounce back to the original shape. This gives the flooring a cushioning effect under foot. The air cells within the cork also help to trap heat acting like an insulator for the floors. Cork flooring is also sound-resistant and has a degree of fire-resistance. Due to a naturally occurring wax called Suberin within cork, the product is insect-resistant and anti-allergen. Only the bark of the cork oak tree is harvested and the tree continues to flourish after the product is removed. The bark is replenished every nine years, which makes cork a renewable resource.


Hickory Flooring
Known for the way it makes a bold statement, hickory hardwood flooring is available in rustic and distressed looks that will add character to your home. Hickory hardwood flooring is also an especially durable hardwood, which makes it a perfect choice for areas of high traffic. You can’t go wrong with the beauty and practicality of hickory hardwood flooring.


Acacia Flooring

Acacia is prized in flooring and furniture making for its durability and for its appearance. Acacia wood is an extremely durable hardwood. While some woods are easily permeated by water, which causes them to warp and rot, acacia is not. In fact, acacia wood can be cleaned using water, and the wood is so dense that the water won’t permeate it and cause damage. It is said that even if acacia wood hasn’t been treated or protected in any way that it still lasts up to 40 years. Acacia wood characteristics are moderately wavy interlock grains noted for their rich depth. Appearance highlights are coarse grain and open texture. Tones from medium brown to grayish brown to an olive color, with darker streaks.


Oak Flooring
Classic oak hardwood flooring is one of the most popular trends in hardwood flooring due to its timeless look. The warmth and character that this hardwood brings to a home will never go out of style. Since oak hardwood has a light, neutral color to it, oak hardwood flooring can be stained in a variety of ways to complement many different designs.


Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is a big, new trend in flooring. It is often categorized with hardwood, but it’s actually a grass.  They are very similar in how they are installed, how they are cared for, and where they can be installed. And, like grass, cutting Natural Bamboo does not kill the plant. An extensive root system remains intact, allowing for rapid regeneration. This quality makes Natural Bamboo an ideal plant for areas threatened with the potentially devastating ecological effects of soil erosion. In comparison to wood species, Natural Bamboo is very durable, 27% harder than oak and 13% harder than maple. Bamboo is composed of complex fibers that do not absorb moisture as easily as wood and is guaranteed to not cup under customary and normal use. Exotic and elegant, the beauty of Natural Bamboo will enhance your interior while remaining true to its natural origins.


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