Are you in the market for new flooring? Perhaps you’re ready to turn in those old hardwood floors for something that requires a little less upkeep. Because not all floors are created equal, they require specific treatment which can be costly. Coretec flooring may actually be just what you’re looking for when picking the perfect flooring type.

Noise Resistant

Unlike hardwood floors that can be tough to maintain, Coretec flooring is extremely easy to clean. With Coretec flooring, each step remains completely quiet. The plank floors are attached to an underlayment of cork that absorbs sound and is naturally resistant to mildew and mold. When searching your Denver flooring stores, make sure that quiet under foot is on the top of your list when picking the right floor.

Low Maintenance

Again, Coretec flooring is easy to clean and install when looking to position over your existing surface. This vinyl flooring can even be enjoyed when installed over laminate or ceramic tile! Because the top layer provides exceptional cleaning ability, you can expect it to be scratch and dent resistant.

Tough Mudder

Since Coretec flooring technology is scratch and dent resistant, it’s stable enough not to contract or expand during cold or hot weather conditions. Coretec flooring is supported by four durable layers so you can enjoy you’re flooring for years to come. Don’t worry about the kids trampling through you’re beautiful new kitchen. This thick layer flooring can stand up to the toughest traction. The waterproof core is layered thick across the durable cork underlayment. Coretec is rated high on the list for commercial traffic flooring because of its protective qualities against extensive wear and its superior stain resistance.

Why You Need Cortec Today

In addition to these three reasons, you will worry less with Coretec flooring. If you’re a homeowner that enjoys frequent gatherings or you’re a commercial business who is starting to attract more clients, you need flooring that won’t age and that will continue to show its true colors day in and day out. For business owners, Coretec flooring can be a money saver as you will no longer be required to hire a full cleaning crew for your entire floors. Your Coretec flooring Denver experts can help you choose the right room for your new installation.

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