Sustainable flooring is made with products that are abundant and renewable in the natural environment. Several types of these products have been on the market for years and have become increasingly popular choices for flooring materials for renovations or new construction projects. Here are just a few of the benefits of choosing sustainable flooring like cork or bamboo. 

Reduce demand on fragile ecosystems 

The big-picture benefit of choosing sustainable flooring options like cork or bamboo is to reduce the overall demand for non-renewable materials found in the natural world. Sure, there are trees everywhere and they can be replanted to provide an adequate source for natural hardwood floors, but it takes 40-60 years for those trees to reach a level of maturity required to harvest it. Materials like bamboo grow rapidly, and harvesting doesn’t kill the plant which means that this flooring type is a constantly renewing resource.  

Plenty of flooring choices

There are almost endless choices when it comes to flooring materials that are considered sustainable by the industry. There are the two most common – cork and bamboo, but did you know that wool carpeting is also considered a sustainable flooring material? Other examples of sustainable flooring include glass tiles, concrete flooring, leather flooring, and even reclaimed hardwood.  

Easy on the project budget

Cork, for example, is a fantastic flooring material that is considered sustainable, provides natural insulation, is resistant to bugs, and some materials are even made from recycled wine corks. Not only is cork a better flooring, but it’s also easy on the project budget with installed costs per square foot averaging $1.50 to $4 per square foot. Many sustainable flooring options represent costs that are less than or on par with traditional flooring options making them an easy choice for property owners.  

Options that are on trend

Another great thing about sustainable flooring is that it’s currently a trendy building material. You can find practically any color or texture flooring you need to make your space uniquely you. Not only will your floors look great and up to date, but they’ll help you to feel better about having a little bit less negative impact on the world around you.