Hardwood floors are the gold standard for flooring in family spaces. They look great, last a lifetime, and require minimal maintenance. If you’re building new, or renovating a current space, here’s everything you should know about hardwood floors.

The many types of hardwood floors 

When choosing new hardwood floors, you should begin by getting familiar with the different products on the market. True hardwood floors are made of 100% wood planks that are installed on a flat surface. Flooring shops also offer laminate wood flooring which is made by fusing layers of thin sheets of wood together and sealed with a protective coating. Laminate flooring can be much more affordable than true hardwood. But true hardwood looks rich in every space and will last a lifetime.   

Wood types used for hardwood floors

There are many hardwood varieties used to create hardwood plank flooring each bringing their own unique colors and textures to the space. Oak flooring is classic and it’s neutral color palette can be stained in a variety of colors. Cherry, hickory, and maple are other types of hardwood used in flooring as is Acacia—an exceptionally durable wood used to make flooring and furniture. Bamboo is another type of wood flooring and is considered the most sustainable and Earth-friendly option of the bunch.   

The installation process

True hardwood floors are installed over a plywood subfloor and manufacturers have created planks that basically snap together for easier installation. An important component for the installation of hardwoods is to bring the flooring into the space where it will be installed and let it come to the temperature of the space before laying the floor. Installation time can vary greatly, but it should take two people one to two days to install roughly 1,000 feet of wood flooring. 

Caring for your wood floors 

High quality wood floors can last a lifetime if properly cared for. You should be careful to clean your wood floors with a dust mop most of the time. You should also polish your floors once every few months with a high-quality wood polish. As time passes and the protective finish on your floors fades, you should consider having your floors refinished every 10 years or so to extend the longevity of the floors.