When deciding on how to spruce up your old home or decorate your new one, there is always a debate about flooring. Should you go with hardwood or ceramic flooring? Or should you get carpet? While hard flooring is great, there are many benefits to installing carpet in your Lakewood, Colorado home.

Cost effective

Price ranges vary no matter what material you choose for your home flooring. However, carpet in general is a less expensive material than hardwood flooring. Carpet installations also require less prep work and therefore have lower labor costs. More often than not hard flooring options require specific subfloor features and if your home does not have the proper subfloor, installing hardwood flooring can be much more expensive.

Comfy and cozy

It’s no secret that carpet is much softer and more comfortable than hardwood flooring. Carpet also comes in a variety of materials and textures, so you can customize your floor based on comfort and style. Standing on hardwood can also cause unnecessary strain on your back and knees, whereas carpet eliminates those pain points due to its natural shock absorption qualities.


Colorado winters can be extremely cold when a snowstorm hits, and hardwood flooring offers little to no insulation. Carpet, on the other hand, offers an additional layer of insulation and heating to your home. This means you do not need to crank the heat as high as you would normally need to, to heat the same room with wood flooring. Carpet retains heat much better, which will help you save on your monthly energy bills. Due to how cold Lakewood can get, a switch to carpet could end up saving you a significant amount in energy costs.


A home with carpet is a much quieter home. Carpet reduces noise much more effectively than hardwood flooring does. This can mean anything from television sets to speakers to children’s voices. For homes with small children or pets, carpet is perfect for play areas to help reduce common playtime noises. You can also install a cushion pad beneath your carpet to add an extra layer of padding and help mask foot traffic sounds.


A well-maintained carpet can last for years and still look brand new. Carpets are made of all sorts of materials that are conducive to pretty much any lifestyle whether its small children, pets or hiking boots. Many carpets come with stain resistant technology making it easier to clean than you might think. Hardwood flooring can easily get scratched up by children’s toys or animal claws, but carpet is made for those types of situations.


Carpets nowadays come is a variety of textures, styles, prints, colors, shapes and sizes. You can create the perfect carpet style to pull your home’s interior design together. Hardwood flooring comes in more limited styles than carpet and there isn’t much variety in terms of color. With a carpet you can stick with a neutral color or add a pop of color to a room. Carpet also comes in materials that are pet and kid friendly so you don’t need to sacrifice your style for function!

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