Putting all the pieces together for new construction or renovation project can present a ton of decisions. And, when you think you’ve considered everything there possibly is to consider, there are still more choices to be made. Here are a few key points to help make some of those decisions easier and a guide to helping you match your kitchen appliances to your new granite countertops in Denver, Co.

Consider your lifestyle 

When matching your kitchen appliances to your new granite countertops, appearance and flow are important, but so is your lifestyle. It won’t pay in the long run to pick appliances based on appearance or design flow alone and give little thought to how they function or how you will use them. Choose appliances that work how you need them to, and your satisfaction with your choices will make them blend seamlessly with your countertops regardless of how they look.    

Study the palette of the granite

Granite countertops come in a wide array of colors ranging from very bold to subtle. If the granite you choose is predominantly black and gold, white appliances probably won’t be a seamless choice for your new kitchen. At the same time, black appliances might make space feel very dark if paired with predominantly black granite. It’s best to study the nuances and palette of your granite countertops to figure out which appliance finish compliments it the best.  

Stainless Steel appliances

Stainless steel appliances paired with granite countertops have been on trend for the past 20 years. It’s a classic pairing for a modern kitchen and a sure-fire way to get the pairing of your appliances and granite countertops in Denver, Co. just right. Recently, variations in stainless steel finishes have given homeowners even more choices in the way these appliances look. 

Grey appliances

Grey appliances are relatively new to the market and are a spin on the popular stainless steel option. Matching grey appliances with granite can be tricky, and it’s best to either consult with a professional or study your granite long and hard before loading the grey appliances into your kitchen. If your color palette includes Earthy and natural tones, slate grey appliances might be the perfect option for your new space. 

Black appliances

Black appliances now come in a steel finish or traditional appliance materials and can be a bold choice for your kitchen. They pair best with lighter variations of granite and can really weigh down a space that already has dark granite countertops. The beauty of black is that it hides dirt and fingerprints, and is among the easiest to maintain.  

White appliances

White appliances were to kitchens in the 80s and 90s what stainless steel appliances are to kitchens today. They used to be in every modern kitchen and were the staple of kitchen design. Easy enough to match to a wide color palette of granite, white appliances are an option to consider if you’re looking to brighten up a room. But, watch out for natural tones and off whites that might creep into the room from your granite and make the white faces of your appliances stand out in a bad way. 

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