Hardwood flooring has bucked home decor trends for decades since it’s remained a popular flooring choice in homes much longer than most materials remain in style. It’s also an investment since these floors can last a lifetime and offer a significant return on investment to homeowners in most scenarios. If you’re considering adding hardwood floors in your Denver home, consider these ways that you can add to the look and feel of your home with this flooring choice. 

Many types of floors

If you head down to a hardwood flooring company in Denver, you’ll quickly realize that there are so many different types of wood floors from which to choose. You can choose cherry, maple, walnut, pine, oak, and even sustainable wood floor varieties like cork or bamboo. You can also opt for engineered wood floors that offer some benefits over standard wood products.  

How to pick a color

Once you choose a floor type, then you’ll be faced with choosing a color. Hardwood floor varieties like pine or cherry tend to have their own hues, but you can add stains or paints to the floor to achieve any kind of look you’re after. You’ll want to be sure that the floors you choose add to the warmth of your home and match the other wood finishes that might already be there.  

Call in the pros

The installation of standard hardwood flooring planks can be time consuming and is a home renovation or construction task best left up to the pros. Find a trusted flooring installation company in the Denver market to take care of the project for you from start to finish. They will likely begin by helping you to choose the right flooring for your space that is sure to add to the coziness, look, and feel of your home.  

Installation and care

Once your new floors are installed, you will need to take good care of them to ensure they last a lifetime.The pros recommend passing a dust mop over the floors every couple of days to remove debris and dander. They then recommend vacuuming your floors once a week, and mopping your floors only when they begin to collect caked on dirt in high traffic areas using a cleaner made for hardwood.