Let’s discuss the ever-so-popular gray hardwood! You may have seen a rise in gray hardwood floors in recent years and this is due to significant trending of this coveted aesthetic. Gray hardwood is very modern and easily compliments other modern home finishes such as nickel and stainless steel.

But is gray hardwood flooring right for you?

Is gray hardwood floor just a fad?

With any significant trend in the interior design industry, it bears questioning if the popular materials of the time are future classics or simply passing fads. After all, hardwood flooring is a significant investment and it is important to know that your choice will stand the test of time.

The great thing about gray hardwood is that, passing trend or not, it is a neutral color choice that compliments an array of design styles. While gray hardwood floors tend to pair best with cool, modern designs, you can also bring warmth to any space with accent colors and natural wood decor.


Which shade of gray – light or dark?

When it comes to selecting a shade or tone of gray hardwood flooring, there are many available options. A light gray floor and a dark gray floor will have many of the same pros and cons that we have discussed with previous posts in this series on light and dark hardwood.

Dark hardwood is leading modern trends and it is easy to see why. The contrast that dark wood and light furniture and décor is truly beautiful. While it is amazing on a larger scale, darker toned hardwood may not be the best option for a smaller space as it may make it appear even smaller than it actually is. Additionally, darker gray floors will show more dirt and pet hair than their lighter counterpart. Conversely, with a lighter gray floor, it can open up smaller spaces and create an illusion of the room being larger and works better to hide dirt and pet hair.

So, what do you think about gray hardwood floor?

No one hardwood floor is right for everyone and we are happy to be the provider of quality floors in numerous colors and styles.  We hope that this series on color has shed some light on which floor might be the right choice for you!


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