When building a new house, or renovating your existing one, there are tons of choices that need to be made. And for every choice, there are dozens of products from which to choose, making it hard to know which is best for your space. If you’re facing a kitchen renovation and will be selecting countertops in the Denver area soon, here’s one less decision you’ll have to worry about making wrong – quartz vs granite countertops. 

Pros of granite

Countertop experts in Denver will tell you that of all the counter material options, granite is one of the toughest and lasts forever. It’s a very hard natural material that resists scratches well making it an ideal choice for kitchen countertops that take a beating and resist their fair share of spills. It’s also sanitary and does a good job of resisting any damage caused by heat which means you can place pots and pans directly on the surface.  

Pros of quartz

Quartz is even more resistant to potential stains by foods and liquids than granite. It’s also a non-porous countertop material, making it easy to clean and unlikely any harmful bacteria will be lurking around once the kitchen its closed. Quartz is truly a maintenance-free countertop material- not just during installation, but for the life of your countertops.   

Cons of granite

Because granite is a naturally occurring material that is harvested and polished, patterns and colors can vary widely from one slab to the next making it difficult to match multiple pieces exactly. One big roadblock in choosing granite for your kitchen is the cost – it can be fairly expensive, and the installation costs associated with this material can be pretty hefty too. It is also possible to crack the slab of granite used for countertops if you hit it with a heavy object and the only fix is to replace the whole slab. 

Cons of quartz

Quartz doesn’t stand up as well to heat as granite does. If you place a hot pan or pot on a quartz surface, you might do irreparable damage. The countertop material can also fade and become discolored over time. It is also one of the most expensive countertop options, just like granite.

Even more options

There are plenty of kitchen countertop options on the market to fit every design aesthetic and every budget. In addition to granite and quartz, you might also consider stainless steel, laminate, concrete, tile, soapstone, wood, marble, and other new products constantly being introduced to the market. A kitchen counter is a big investment, and a choice you’ll have to live with for a long time. It’s best to make as informed a choice as possible right out of the gate.