It might shock you to know that bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on Earth. It only takes 5-7 years for a bamboo stalk to completely regenerate itself to the size it was before it was cut. It’s a sustainable resource that works really well as bamboo flooring. Consider these other pros about using this type of flooring throughout your home. 

Bamboo flooring is strong

Bamboo flooring delivers a super strong flooring choice that boasts a tensile strength even greater than steel. If that’s not mind-blowing enough, bamboo is also about three times harder than oak which is a favorite material for hardwood floors because of its durability. In fact, bamboo is the hardest and most durable of all materials that are used to manufacture wood floors today. 

Bamboo flooring will probably fit your budget

Hardwood flooring can get incredibly expensive which is why a majority of homeowners tend to go with a laminate look-alike for their interior spaces. With bamboo, you can have your real hardwood at a cost that’s easier to bear without sacrificing quality. The average cost per square foot for bamboo flooring is typically less than $5 per square foot which could represent a 50% savings on comparable hardwood materials.  

They’re easy to care for

Not only are bamboo floors extremely durable, they’re also easy to care for. Ensure your bamboo floors look great for years to come with regular sweeping or dry mopping. That’s really all it takes. And in the event of a stick mess or spill, it’s best to combine a mild vinegar solution to quickly wipe it up. And if after many years you feel like your floors don’t sparkle like they used to, you can prolong the life of your bamboo floors even longer by refinishing them. 

Excellent choice for high traffic

If your family goes full speed ahead most days, you’ll appreciate the durability of bamboo flooring. It’s considered one of the best floor choices for the highest trafficked areas in your home. And while you’re shopping for your new floors, opt for the strand-woven bamboo which is the most durable of this flooring type.