Area rugs are multifunctional. They provide a decorative element in a space. They provide a warm barrier between your feet and the cold floor. And they can even help to define a space when used in an open floor plan. The tough thing about these items is finding the perfect area rug in Denver. Consider these tips. 

For perfect area rug, size is everything

When shopping for area rugs in Denver, it’s important to consider the perfect size rug for your space. If you buy a rug that’s too small you risk the space looking cheap and unfinished. If you buy something too big, it can swallow up a room and just fit poorly. Take the measurements of your room and use those to guide you through the selection process. The internet is full of guides that detail the perfect size room based on the square footage of a room. 

Consider all the options for area rugs

Rugs come in just about every color, texture, and material imaginable. It’s important to pick the right material for your lifestyle of the room where the rug will lay. If you have messy kids and muddy paws routinely running through your space, one of the most important criteria will be how easy it is to clean. If you’re trying to achieve a certain aesthetic like a Southwestern flair, the pattern and colors will matter most.   

What to budget

Rugs vary widely in price point so this question has more to do with your despicable income than industry standards. You can buy inexpensive remnant carpet pieces that function just fine for a song. You’ll pay more for design-rich rugs. Consider quality rugs typically start around $400 on the less expensive side of the range to $10,000 or more for the most expensive options. 

Placing your area rug

If you’re buying an area rug to help define a space, it should be large enough to sit underneath all major furniture pieces in the room. If it doesn’t, your rug is too small. There is a minor industry cheat that can make the design rich rug you bought feel bigger, and that is placing a natural rug mate of jute or other rope underneath it to create a larger footprint.