When it comes to your bathroom remodel, the main focal point should be your countertops. The countertops are the first thing people see when they walk in the room. They need to provide space and durability, not just be pleasing to the eye. So which type of countertop is best for your bathroom and how do you go about choosing it? Before you contact one of your countertop installers Denver contractor, let’s look at how you can choose the right countertop materials for a functional bathroom space.

Your Bathroom Remodel

Your bathroom countertops should be easy to maintain, stand up to water and cosmetic damage, and be functional for guests and families. The vanity top can be the focal point of your bathroom and it needs to be durable, and spacious. Is your bathroom used for guests only or is it your private master bathroom? Does it include a tub and shower combo or one or the other? More importantly, how much space does your bathroom have? These questions will help determine the type of look you want, as well as the countertops that will serve the purpose of the bathroom.

5 Types of Bathroom Countertops

When remodeling your bathroom countertops, keep in mind that durability trumps aesthetics. Fortunately, you can find incredibly durable surfaces for your bathroom that look luxurious and stylish like the expensive brands but for a much lower cost.

  • Wood butcher blocks: Wood vanity tops are very porous and susceptible to water damage so they must be sealed. Rot is a common ailment to wood vanity tops in the bathroom. So if you’re going for something a little more organic and traditional, a wood butcher block is a natural way to go.
  • Granite/marble countertops add an exceptional, luxurious look to your bathroom. And the good news is you can find a rich and high quality grade of material for less than what you would pay for traditional marble or granite. Again much like wood, these countertops need to be sealed to repel cosmetics and soaps. Granite may be a better choice, as it stands up to stains more so than marble.
  • Tile surfaces are a popular element in the bathroom. While inexpensive, it is more susceptible to dirt and grime. It is an affordable investment but takes a little bit of maintenance to keep up its natural finishes. With tile surfaces, as long as you keep up with the cleaning, you can find an array of colors and designs that fit right to your current bathroom style.
  • Quartzite countertops provide exceptional beauty with incredible durability. It is a low-maintenance countertop, too! It can stand up to heat and scratches with ease and costs the same as marble or granite. With quartzite countertops, you can find sleek and modern designs to fit with your bathroom design.
  • Another popular finish for countertops in the bathroom is laminate. Laminate has a wide range of colors and styles to choose from for any bathroom and room in your home. It is economical and versatile. When you’re looking for something inexpensive that stands up to water, laminate is the way to go. Keep in mind that laminate will burn or dent if you’re not careful.

The Best Countertop For My Bathroom

You can absolutely have both durability and style at an affordable price. Nowadays, you can choose a granite countertop for your bathroom that fits your budget and the style of your current decor. Traditionally, granite countertops are a fine choice for your bathroom. They are durable and nearly impossible to scratch.

You can find the perfect inexpensive and durable bathroom countertop. But before you search, your best bet is to visit a countertop installers Denver showroom at Carpet Mill Outlet Flooring Stores today!