Countertops are designed to look great and to serve as a workhorse in your kitchen. It’s important to use materials that withstand heat, stains, and everything else that your family could possibly throw its way. And in the world of today’s fashion kitchens, it’s also important that your countertop investment looks good for years to come. Here are four trendy countertops Denver to consider if you have a kitchen project in your future. 

Quartz vs granite

It seems like granite countertops Denver reigned supreme for a few decades when it came to kitchen construction and renovations. The mighty stone king has nearly been dethroned by an engineered stone called quartz. Quartz is a manmade stone and is just as durable as granite but more hygienic because the surface is non porous. It also delivers the same great look as traditional granite with a wide variety of colors and patterns available to suit any style.   

Consider concrete

Concrete countertops are gaining popularity every day. This sturdy industrial option offers modern lines and years of dependability. Like quartz, you don’t have to worry about resealing the surface every few years like you do with granite. You can also have concrete countertops created in a range of shades and made to perfectly suit your kitchen space.   

Butcher block

A butcher block countertop might bring you back to grandma’s kitchen, but they’re coming back into fashion and never lost their function. This type of counter is made with solid pieces of wood fused together to form a thick block that can really take a beating. Things you have to be careful with if you choose this type of counter would be burns from hot pots, staining, and other types of discoloration over time. Wood is also a porous surface, so you’ll need to be extra careful to keep the countertop clean and bacteria-free.   

How about metal?

When you think of metal countertops, you might only think of them in the framework of a commercial or industrial kitchen. But, these days homeowners can have them too and they work in the right spaces. This type of counter is a durable option that resists stains and burns. At the end of the day, you can also wipe the mess away and polish it to a satisfying shine.