Carpet remnants are a clever and inexpensive way to use leftover materials in interior design. The things you can do with these carpet pieces are limited only by your mind and number of pieces you have on hand. Consider a few unique ways to utilize these cost-effective materials in each room of your home. 

The size of carpet remnants

What you can do with your carpet remnants will be determined by the size of the remnant. For example, some remnants are rather larger, perhaps even the size of a small room. If you have a small bedroom, office, or other kind of space, consider using a remnant to fully carpet the floor if it fits with the look you’re hoping to achieve. 

Create a custom rug

Area rugs are pricey, a fact that becomes immediately clear when you start shopping for one. A much less expensive option is utilizing a carpet remnant to create a custom area rug for your space. If you want to do it yourself, you can find carpet trim online and attach it to the remnant yourself. If you aren’t, you can reasonably expect a store that sells carpet remnants to provide this service upon request. 

Make one big carpet into smaller pieces

Smaller carpets have great use inside your home. The one just inside your door allows for an absorbent place to land for dirty or wet feet. The one in front of your kitchen sink catches spills. The same can be said for the ones in your bathroom. Buying a larger carpet remnant and cutting it to make smaller carpets for use throughout your home is a brilliant way to use this rather inexpensive material. 

Create furniture

If you’re the handy, creative type, the sky’s the limit for using carpet remnants in your home. Consider using pieces to upholster furniture like chairs or a headboard. Use carpet remnants to make ottomans for your living room. You could also use carpet to make throw pillows which would add an interesting texture to any sitting area.