Flooring is one of the most important choices you’ll make during new home construction or renovation project. You’ll want to choose a type of flooring that works best for a specific space and provides a look that you’ll like for a long time. Luxury vinyl flooring will likely check all the boxes and is definitely a product you should check out while shopping!

Cost-effective and great value 

Luxury vinyl flooring products are nothing like the cheap sheet vinyl flooring that you’re thinking of that’s been around for decades. It’s an entirely different product that mimics the look and feel of hardwood floors. It comes in planks similar to wood floors. These products can be much cheaper than other flooring options including wood and porcelain tile making it a cost-effective product and a good value for homeowners.  

Low maintenance

If you have pets, children, and high traffic areas in your home, luxury vinyl flooring is the product for you. It’s durable and 100 percent water-resistant which means it will still look great years after installation despite what you throw its way. If you’re not already sold on the product, consider that it’s practically maintenance-free aside from a quick mopping or sweeping to clean up dirt that builds up over time. 

Easy installation

Luxury vinyl also offers an easy installation process. If you hire professionals to lay the floor, they’ll be in and out of the space before you even know it. If you choose to do it yourself, you’ll realize just how easy the product is to work with almost as soon as you start. Just a couple of benefits you’ll realize during the installation process include installation without acclimation, no transition strips required, minimal floor prep, dimensional stability, and can even be installed over your existing floor. 

Lots of choices 

One of the most appealing features of luxury vinyl is the almost endless array of colors and textures from which you can choose. There are products made to look just like wood floors, others with added textures, and still others that look more like porcelain tiles. You are sure to find the perfect color and look for your space.