Wood floors provide a classic and timeless option for your home. This flooring type is durable and appealing to almost every buyer looking for a home. You’ll also enjoy how easy they are to clean, and the cost-effectiveness of both the product and its installation. If you’re considering a flooring project, consider these options which are new in wood flooring

Colors other than brown

A fairly recent trend in wood flooring is the growing color palette available in the industry. Home owners are gravitating to wood floors that come in hues other than brown like gray and beige. There’s actually a new color in interior design terms called greige which has become a popular choice for almost every surface in practically every room of a house or office.   

Dark and light woods

Currently, homeowners shopping for wood flooring aren’t choosing colors in the middle of the range. Very light floors and very dark floors are the current preferences in the market. There are pros and cons to each and it really comes down to style preference when choosing which side of the range that you fall on. It’s a common belief that the lighter the floor color, the easier the floors are to maintain.   

Whitewashed wood flooring

This is another new concept when it comes to wood flooring products currently on the market. This finish can be applied to unfinished hardwood flooring products and creates a more modern feel in a space than traditional wood floor applications.   

Finish ranges

When shopping for wood flooring, you’ll not only have to consider a wide range of colors, but also a range of finishes. Satin finishes and matte finishes are the two most popular choices at the moment. These are easier to maintain over the long term than glossier finishes that used to be popular with homeowners.