One of the first tough decisions new home owners have to make is whether to replace flooring in their new home. For new homeowners with a tight budget, wood or tile floors might not be in the cards. Carpet is typically one of the most cost effective choices, and carpet tiles can give you even more flexibility for utilizing this flooring type in your new space. 

Carpet tiles Denver—what are they

Carpet tiles are exactly what they sound like. They are finished squares of carpet, usually offered in a variety of square sizes, that are laid out piece by piece. They make installation a breeze, and can easily be cut to accommodate specific elements of a room. They are offered in a variety of piles, textures, and colors to suit any interior design plans.   

Can you install them yourself?

One of the best things about carpet tiles is how easy they are to install. You can hire the pros to do the job if you’d rather not worry about it. But, even a novice can get the job done by following  a few simple instructions. Another selling point is that carpet tiles are much easier to maneuver around your space than rolls of new carpet.   

Which rooms are good for carpet tiles?

Basically, any room where you would consider using traditional carpet is also well-suited for carpet tiles. Consider this type of flooring for a child’s bedroom, playroom, or even a family room. You can add a lot of visual interest to a room by creating subtle patterns with carpet tiles too.  

What if you get tired of them

Another great thing about choosing carpet tiles as your flooring is that they are as easy to remove from a space as they are to install. If further down the road you tire of the tiles, or if your household budget has room for an upgrade, just simply remove the tiles in the same manner they were laid. You’ll be renovating your room, once again, in no time flat.