Laminate flooring can be a cost-effective means of having nice decorative flooring for your home. Whether you’re thinking of upgrading your bathroom or covering an old floor in a bedroom, the laminate flooring options are endless. But before you purchase items or call a flooring installation Denver contractor, consider these important factors about laminate flooring first.

Laminate 101

Just a brief overview, laminate flooring is an excellent;y durable and less expensive flooring type than the competition. Nowadays, the style options are incredibly varied. Laminate flooring is coated with a protective layer that essentially bounces back from scratches and tears. Most high-quality laminates are stain and moisture resistant, too. When you want to change up the scene in a guest bathroom or even your kitchen but are refraining from going with too expensive of an option, laminate is an economically- friendly choice.

While this type of flooring is easier to set, there are some major factors toward doing it the right way. A flooring installation Denver expert makes absolutely sure that you have these factors in place. Since you don’t want to lack the qualities that make your bathroom or kitchen a functional place, having all of the necessary tools for proper laminate installation makes a world of a difference for years to come.

Why You Need Laminate Flooring Underlayment

Underlayment is the barrier of protection against sound and compression. From crying babies to loud music, underlayment can absorb the noise vibrations and even block it out entirely. Over time, the weight and stress load on your floor can lead to an increasingly unstable foundation. Underlayment provides compression resistance that helps provide a solid foundation. Underlayment also provides a barrier for extremes of heat and cold as well. Have you ever been in a room with hardwood floors, perhaps in an old house, and experienced quite a chill? This is probably due to a lack of underlayment in the home, which is likely the scenario if it is an older home. Underlayment provides insulation, which is valuable in reducing heat and cooling costs.

Without proper underlayment installation, your laminate floor could shift and move, and is more prone to wear and tear or warping. This can eventually become a very costly expense. Underlayment is an important support system for stability and balance, as well as  improving the functionality of your laminate flooring.

When looking for quality laminate flooring, you’ll need to learn the proper care techniques as well. A handy flooring installation Denver team will likely give you all the laminate flooring care tips for a healthy floor for years to come.

The End Result

Always consider where you’re planning to install your laminate flooring before going out and buying materials. What is your overall idea and what room are you looking to transform? What is the purpose of the room and whom does it serve? Guest bedrooms always need that extra cushion of support and noise barrier, for you and for them. You also want to consider the areas of the house as well. For example, a guest bathroom that is located on a side of your home that has higher humidity than the rest of your home, you want an underlayment with moisture resistant under your laminate to ensure efficient air flow throughout that room. Proper measurements and the right supplies will ensure a functional end result. More so, a professional can walk you through what types of laminate and underlayment are needed.

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